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This post is to remind my readers of the importance of value.   We all want to be valued for what we do…  for what we contribute.  So here is an explanation about energy exchange.

Adopting the view of money as the transfer of “energy” places you and your responsibility as being crucial to the transactions of money. It allows you to stay in vibrational harmony with making, earning, investing and attracting more “energy” into your life.  All part of the “give and take” coded on planet Earth.

Take the simple example of the cycle of breathing, the “give and take” coded in planet Earth : You take in breath… then you give out breath.    How long do you think you could “take” a breath before you would need to “give” a breath back and vice versa?

Reciprocity & the Interconnectedness of All Existence

Reciprocity is the practice of harmonious, balanced energy exchange that brings mutual benefit.  Energetic reciprocity is  at the very core of evolution and healing. We exist in a universe of living energy where we are in  constant exchange – whether we are conscious of it or not.

When this exchange becomes unconscious and out of harmony it is believed to be the source of all discord, imbalance and disease. The ‘giver’ who constantly gives becomes drained,  and the ‘taker’ who constantly takes becomes a vampire.  Everything we do, say and think affects the whole.

In ancient societies certain services such as healing or spiritual guidance, which are not as tangible as material goods or food products, were considered to be priceless and valued in society.

Priceless however did not mean free – actually quite the opposite. Individuals expressed their gratitude by offering something of great value in their lives. This expression was seen as a key step in the actual healing process.

Some people think that spiritual work shouldn’t require money, but any service work in the world—from feeding the hungry to providing spiritual healing– does require money, and sometimes a great deal of it.  Money can help be more effective – reach more people… help more people!

Money can buy resources such as books, seminars, and technology that can aid in providing spiritual development.  It can buy time for spiritual studies, practice and quiet retreats.

Each person has a “karmic bank account” –your good deeds or contributions (deposits) are balanced by your harmful actions or unjustified takings (withdrawals).

A message for the healers and spiritual workers: it is important to realize that it is your responsibility to practice balance;  while you may want to give – give – give, it is important not to contribute to other person’s negative karma where they come to you to take – take – take.  Be the example of balance as you serve others and they serve you.  In unison with the flow that is coded on planet Earth.

Money helps you fulfill the True desires God places in your heart.  No one knew that better than Mother Theresa of Calcutta.   She did great charitable work… not because pennies rained down from heaven – on the contrary, Mother Theresa was an efficient and skillful fund raiser who went to wherever the money was. She raised millions of dollars!! Money did not diminish her amazing spirituality – it is what she did with it that has made her a magnificent model of magnified, abundance, and example of purposeful living.

Bless the money you receive, and more so bless the money you give to pay for goods and services.  This helps purify it of negative influences, and adds the positive, life-giving energy of Spirit.  Know that as you give money freely for spiritual purposes, it automatically redeems you from your past negative karma with money.

I leave you with these words:

“I bless the wonder of our existence and I bless all who use the gift of life to increase the quantity of love and healing we all require to survive. Peace.”