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Emotional Energy Release

The purpose of this session is to clear and balance the Energy body. Emotional Energy clearing and releasing can empower your life and help to bring your spirit into alignment with your soul’s purpose.

When an emotion is trapped, it serves as a protection mechanism– to unconsciously deal with the pain of what has happened. Trapped emotional energy can be associated to an experience directly by you or someone else that you inherited or absorbed the energy from.

Emotional energies affect us in a variety of ways and create challenges, problems and pains of all sorts, both physical and emotional.  During our session we will be addressing and releasing these trapped emotional energies.  It is recommended that there be no distractions at time of scheduled session.  You may sit or lie down comfortably for the energy session, close your eyes, and clear your mind of wandering thoughts. Once the trapped emotion is acknowledged it is released… and the healing begins.


Your Emotional Release session:

This is a 20-minute remote (distance) Emotional Energy clearing session. (In person sessions available).   The vibration of energy can disturb the body’s normal functioning; in the session we work to align the subconscious mind with the healing process using the same method which comprises the Emotion and Body Codes.

Through this modality we detect and correct the imbalance in the energetic systems caused by the energy of thought patterns and beliefs which no longer serve you.

To schedule your distance energy session, simply ORDER HERE and select from the paypal list.

Once order has been confirmed, I will contact you for a convenient time/date for your distance energy session.

During a session you may experience feeling physical sensations of hot/cold flashes, feelings of relief or light spirited, etc., others have reported no physical sensation only feeling a sense of calmness.  Clearing and balancing the Emotional Energy is a spiritually-based energy healing modality and therefore its energy will go to the area(s) of the mind-body-spirit where it is truly needed for the individual, for their highest good.

Disclaimer:  Emotional Energy release and clearing, is NOT a substitute for traditional medical treatment by a licensed medical doctor. Furthermore, this Emotional Energy practitioner DOES NOT diagnose, treat, prescribe anything, or cure ANY medical condition. As an Emotional Energy practitioner I do NOT perform medical treatment, do not prescribe any substances, and do not interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Emotional Energy Releasing is an energy-based spiritual modality; the recipient may or may not feel anything physically during or after a distance session.

Blessings and Light to you all.